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ChillPro Station

Keep all your 710 tools organized & clean with the ChillPro Station!

ChillZone Station

Keep all your 710 tools organized & clean with the ChillZone Station!

Elite Station & Elite Station Pro

Keep all your 710 tools organized & clean with the Elite Station!

Square Chill Buddy Organizer

This square version of the Chill Buddy features a Bitcoin backpack to store additional items!

Chill Buddy Concentrate Catcher

Chill Buddy Concentrate Catcher tool holder.

*5ml silicone container required.*

Bitcoin Trophy

Make your desk more exciting with a Bitcoin Trophy! Customize your own unique Bitcoin Trophy with your colors of choice!

Terp Toilet

A personal toilet for your banger. Don't let your banger have a full stomach, dump those pearls into the Terp Toilet!

Terp Pearl Cleaner V2 / Jewelry Cleaner

The easiest way to clean your terp pearls, jewelry, and other glass & quartz items!

Bitcoin + Bitcoin Keychain

3D print your very own bitcoin!

Keychain version + regular bitcoin included

Chill Buddy Jr 26ml

This version of the Chill Buddy is a 3D printed shell for a 26ml hexagon silicone container.

Chill Buddy ISO

Chill Buddy will help you stay organized while giving off really chill vibes. No matter what time of the day, he's always chillin!

Business Card Holder

Business card holder with additional storage for candy, pens, etc.

Concentrate Catcher Tool Holder

Concentrate Catcher tool holder. No supports needed.

*5ml silicone container required.*

Chill Buddy Jr

The Chill Buddy Jr is a 3D printed shell for a 5ml silicone container.

Chill Buddy

Chill Buddy organizer! Use it for cottonswabs, pens, tools, or whatever else fits! Has 2 arms that can also hold onto a single small tool.

Chill Buddy Lite

Chill Buddy Lite organizer!